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Dear all,
i have fing app running on my iMac. It tells me on the home screen that "Occino GmbH" is my internet provider. Thats wrong. It should be "Northern Access". How can I change this?
Thanks a lot in advance,


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    Northern Access may be the internet provider, but it looks like it's being routed through a NOC (network operations center) called Occino GmbH, which is what Fing "sees".  You could try rebooting your internet device and see if that changes anything, but it may not, and if not then there's not really anything that can be done to change what Fing is reporting.
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    Hi Lee_Bo,
    thanks for the quick answer. Where from does Fing get the information, that it is routed trhough Occino GmbH? AFAIK I am directly connected to Northern Access. But I will ask them, to re-assure.
    Thanks, Claudia
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    Hi @Claudi
    For ISP name detection, I would like to tell you that we use GEOIP2 City Database API by MaxMind. And they update their database every week. If the Fing App shows a different ISP name rather than what you use, It is because the same name is picked up GEOIP2 City Database. The ISP name is identified based on the public IP address by Fing App and then it is matched against the GEOIP2 City Database API. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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