Fing App and Fing Web UI out of sync

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The Fing app on my iPhone shows the most current information, but I logged into the Fing website today (I don't do this often) and there is a message that I have no networks on my account. I then went back to the iPhone App and tried to resync (Account Settings -> Account Storage -> Synchronize) it attempts to Synchronize but comes back with Account state error. There is also a restore option in that same location of the IOS app, but the way I read what that makes me think it will erase all the data on my iPhone and replace it with what is on the Fing website, which is the opposite of what I need to do. Has anyone seen this issue before or have any ideas on how to fix it?


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    Hi @Radiocooke
    Thanks for the feedback. We are already working on a new version of Web app with major changes. As soon as the new version will be released, then all such issues will be resolved. As of now, there is no timeframe for the new version but we will update you via newsletter and community post once it is released. Thanks again
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