HELP! Network deleted

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This is going to sound like a movie. Under major attack because someone wants to destroy me or steal data or both.

I hired cyber security guy and I think other side paid him a lot.

He tells me he cant get to my stuff for a week but asks me which network on fing is mine. Figure hes starting. All Fing accounts are same network I ofen rename. He may not be familiar with Fing but enough to REMOVE my network that showed other side broke in and I may have router in my house. So the neteotk is here but HISTORY DELETED.

He's smart so bad news is he may have gotten to data file. Good news hes not that familiar witn fing. Im sure I'm not first person to have Network deleted.

How can i get it back? Does Fing corporate back up??

Critical to my life he ckearly erased the proof.

Thank you!!!!


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    Hi @Dms
    Thanks for your post. Fing does not create any back up of the networks or personal information. All information for the user can be found under his account.  Also, I would like to tell you if your Fing App was continuously synchronized with your account, then you may recover your data. 
    To try this, please go to:  
    - 'Accounts & Settings' display (by clicking on the icon/avatar in the top right-hand corner of the main display on the screen on the App)  
    - Click on 'Account storage'  
    - Click 'Restore'  
    If, after performing this, the network is not recovered then it may be deleted from your account.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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