Why does Fing Desktop update so frequently?

YanAndrewYanAndrew Member Posts: 1
Hi Guys,
I understand in order to stay ahead of the game, Fing must be updated regularly and frequently, but may I know roughly how often say i a month? Because after every update, the user has to go through the whole login process again.

If you can advise on some sort of monthly number, then at least users can manage their expectations.
Thank you,


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    Hi @YanAndrew
    Thanks for your post. Fing Desktop is a relatively new product and we have been trying to improve and enhance the user experience to the most. Thus, we are updating the new version whenever possible. There is no number for the amount of version we are releasing in a month. But as soon as there is some improvement or some new feature we would like to add to our product, we work on it and then release it. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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