Broadcast Storm?

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One thing that I've noticed while using the Fing Desktop is that it will generate a broadcast storm on my network knocking all devices on the network offline. 
If I look at the traffic indicator lights on my Comcast cable modem they are just blinking incessantly. 
I have my main desktop plugged into one of the two available ports with the rest of my network into the other side. 
The only way I can get the network back up and functioning is to either shutdown my system that hosts the Fing Desktop or unplug it's network connection. 
I will also notice that when I'm on Zoom video conference calls and leave my system that has Fing desktop running that all of a sudden my Audio will start to cut out and I'll get a warning from Zoom saying my internet connecting is unstable. This seems to happen at a set interval (20-30 minutes maybe) which would be I think how frequently the Fing Desktop app would go out and scan the network.
Again if I shutdown my system that has the Fing Desktop and or unplug it's hard wired connection things are just fine. 
Anyone else experiencing this?


  • Marc
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    Hi @Scaddenator, I moved this to the desktop section for visibility.  I had seen this behavior previously with the mobile app and Fing has a setting specifically to address but have not seen it on desktop.  Can you confirm if this is the windows or macOS verisuo

    @Robin or @Ciaran , any ideas what @Scaddenator should be looking for to aid troubleshooting this?
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    Hi @Scaddenator
    Are you using the latest version of Fing Desktop 1.4.1 or earlier version? This issue has already been resolved with new versions. I would like you to uninstall and re-install the Fing Desktop after downloading a fresh copy from the link:
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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