Microsoft Confirms Serious New Security Problem For Windows 10 Users

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Microsoft has now joined Intel in confirming a newly reported security vulnerability with Thunderbolt ports, one that enables an attacker with physical access to a PC to modify the port’s controller firmware, disabling its security. As I reported last week, almost all Windows PCs with Thunderbolt ports are vulnerable, except a few from last year that shipped with Kernel DMA protection enabled.

This new security threat has been dubbed “Thunderspy” by Björn Ruytenberg, the Eindhoven University of Technology researcher who discovered and disclosed it. Ruytenberg warns that despite locking or suspending a PC, setting up a Secure Boot and strong system passwords, and enabling disk encryption, “all an attacker needs is five minutes alone with the computer” to compromise a machine.

To read the entire article please click on the Source link above.

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    Thanks @kltaylor . Its a really good read. I will check the source definitely.

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    And here I add the perfunctory "Glad I have Mac" comment... 

    Disclaimer:  This can still occur on a Mac if your running bootcamp so I'll withhold the snarkyness...  

    "What Thunderspy means for Mac users

    In practical terms, attackers won't be able to disable the macOS lock screen or perform other attacks like they could if they had physical access to the device, as long as a user is running macOS instead of Windows or Linux via Boot Camp. Macs running Windows or Linux on Boot Camp, however, are just as vulnerable as other PCs."

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