Can someone explain what a stun-p1 means?

My laptop often diconnects from the wifi despite my mobile still being connected fine. This evening my laptop did as I've described and as I've recently downloaded the fing app I decided to scan for any open ports whilst my laptop was playing up and the results came back with this:
Can anyone explain to me what a stun-p1 means and is it anything to be concerned about? I'm completely useless with internet related stuff so I just want to check it's nothing dodgy.


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    HI @porridge_radio89 thanks for asking your question.
    A quick Google search resulted in the following information:

    Configuring and Troubleshooting Serial Tunneling (STUN)


    Serial Tunneling (STUN) is the tunneling of SDLC frames across a WAN. In the traditional systems network architecture (SNA) world, remote controllers are attached to the front-end processor (FEP) through a set of modems attached over POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) or leased lines.

    I'd look around on your LAN devices to see which one(s) is/are manufactured by Cisco.  If this isn't a known device, you may want to consider toggling UPnP off and manually adding port forwards into your router as you need them.

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    Looking for a Cisco device would probably be a waste of time. That is a VoIP related service, used by more than Cisco. This was an open port of your laptop correct? It a pretty good indicator some type of communications software on the laptop is responsible. There are so many smaller programs that might be designed to run something like that in a supporting role for another application, only a portion of those would have easily searchable documentation online, it can run you in circles sometimes. Easiest way I know to track it down quickly is close the port in the firewall settings and wait to see what it breaks. 
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