Believe it or not: I can't find the fing documentation or User Manual.

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I have a small issue I would like to learn more about and correct, but I can't find a User'sManual.
Is the fing Community my only resource for technical support?  Sure, they are experienced, but it's not their job to help me.  Also, it's 1:44 in the morning right now.  If I had a pdf User Manual, I could run a local search (look Ma, no bandwidth required!) for the error or situation description.
Help me out please and reply to [email protected]

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  • MarcMarc Moderator, Beta Tester Posts: 1,132
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    I’m kind of with you in that I prefer pdf’s over web based manuals but it seems to be a trend every software / hardware firm has moved to. Let me know if the links help you.

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