Fing we need to talk about your marketing emails

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I got this email today and it was so bizzare I had to figure out why Fing was sending such garbage.

Let's talk about this email, because I really believe someone in marketing missed the ball on this one.

First off the actual thread is nothing about what the email claims it's about.

Not to mention that it doesn't actually appear like anyone is talking about it.

Second off the grammar is all messed up here.

"Avoided having your MAC address stolen FROM hackers."

So hackers already have my MAC and someone is stealing it from them? That's strange. I think a better discussion would be how to keep my MAC address from being stolen BY hackers instead.

Third: no one is stealing a MAC address. Why? Because you still have you MAC address. Stealing implies taking something AWAY from someone. Just because someone has cloned your MAC address doesn't mean they've stolen it because you still have it

Finally: Your MAC address by itself is pretty worthless. There's not much that someone can use your MAC address for, and even the things they can are easier to do with something simple like ARP spoofing. About the only thing the MAC address is useful for (in this context) is filtering, which is easy to get around.

You gotta do a bit better on your marketing emails if you want to be taken seriously as a security device



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    I agree, waste of time to put a question in an email that has no reply or discussion. If there are no interesting items just skip you email for this week
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    Any maybe use an image of an iPhone that's not old?  :-)

  • Robin_Ex_Fing
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    Hi @Crowgrandfather,
    Thank you very much for your feedback. I agree with your feedback regarding the referenced Community Digest. For the weekly digest, we choose some of the most popular posts/discussions and include them in our newsletter. These posts and discussions are created/shared by the members of the community or they are widely searched topics. Once, we select the posts then we take the gist of the complete article to summarize in a few words for the Digest. I agree with the points you raised about the grammar used and the titles could be more improved.
    I will take this feedback and will pass it on to our marketing team for review. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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