Does Fing Desktop use the Fingbox?

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This seems like an obvious question, but I don't see any answers. Does the desktop program use the Fingbox to do its work or is it entirely separate?


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  • apeters
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    So then the only way to take advantage of the box is to use a smartphone?

    That seems ... like you’re missing an opportunity. I bought the hardware (back in the Kickstarter) because I wanted a little robot on my network doing the monitoring and such, and that’s what it does.

    Give us desktop (web browser!) access to the box, please. I really don’t need a program on my computer if the box does what I need. Especially if that computer is a laptop and it probes my employer’s network.

    please point me to detailed uninstallation instructions for the Mac Fing program — including how to remove the background daemons you install. Thanks.

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    Hi @apeters
    To uninstall Fing Desktop from MAC, you just need to put the Fing Dekstop from Applications Folder to Trash and all components will be uninstalled.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Desktop access to the Fingbox would definitely be much appreciated.  I’ve tried installing the app on an iPad, but since it’s a phone app, it doesn’t scale properly. The ability to read larger fonts on a much larger screen would be a plus!