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There is a plan to supporto SixFox 0G Network and frequency ?
i'm asking becouse i'm starting some project in Italy with this tecnology and network



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    Unsure why; for starters as bombastic as the company may like to sell itself, it has a major long term growth issue due to the established players,and,whilst they may see growth in Europe, outside of that other territories remain not just untouched, but rife with rules and regulations that may prevent them from succeeding in them.

    However, the biggest reason I can see for Fing not bothering is because aside for their "small packet" IOT protocols, their main selling point for SigFox's "0g" is to underpin 3G, 4G and 5G communications. Since Fing doesn't operate in the cellular space covered by these protocols, I'm unsure what the value at would be for them to even to start to consider a world outside WiFi and home networking using TCP/IP.

    I would add that I am just a humble bear with no connection to Fing other than these forums, so am not privy to their plans for global domination.
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