Help I must be hacked.

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Ok I’m hoping someone has advice for me. I was watching tv and on my laptop , when I look over and see the lights on my google Alexa thing start lighting up. They only do this when it’s doing something. A minute or two later. One of my security cams started moving back and forth on its own. Then. My light turned off by itself. Which is also hooked up to my network. But my phone is the only thing that has the app installed. I think. But it's on my network not sure if it’s my iphone, iPad, MacBook, Apple TV, firestck, google home puck thing.



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    Hi @Jdtattoo welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question.
    If you've experienced 'all' of those instances in one day, best practice is to pull the power on your modem and once the Internet disconnects from the router, access the router and start changing passwords.  Please consider using a robust password generator to help you facilitate that so that your passwords are not easily guessed.
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    I suspect an electricity problem as well, rather than a hack attack. 
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    Well, your not giving much background info to go on, let me guess this much.  You have Alexa setup to control both your camera and "light", correct?  This light your talking about is actually a non-smart device you plugged into the wifi controlled plug in the photo, isn't it? If that's the case then whatever happened has nothing to do with any light. Any outside control ends with that plug, and it doesn't matter what you plugged into it.  
    How would you normally have Alexa do something?  Is that a Google nest? Google doesn't make a puck. I didn't know there were status lights on the nest.
    Tell me about the picture of your cable modem, how does that fit in? Are those the lights your talking about? 

    If your seriously looking for help from a forum, this is the kind of info you need to provide. Use specifics, proper names, models, and version numbers. That's really important, don't expect us to guess.

    Even tho I said don't expect us to guess, I'll take one anyway. What you described sounds a lot more along the lines of what's described in this attached link.

    Or take the time to explain how your setup and what controller what and how, so we have an actual starting point to track down the problem.
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    Rule #1 of anything electronic when it acts up:
    Did you reboot it?
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