Internet slows and some devices disconnect when I pause a different device

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I have a unifi network, unifi USG, unifi AP's, etc. I bought Fing so that my gal and I could easily set timers on our kids internet usage and routinely pause internet on devices when they are supposed to do various things. I.E. pause their xbox internet when they are supposed to be doing school work, things like that. 

The issue that I have is that when I pause devices (scheduled pauses or manual pauses), other devices slow down and/or disconnect from the internet. Specifically my Nest cams randomly drop when I pause another machine. 

I have already marked the "slow discovery" in the app. What else should I be looking for?


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    Hi @KRS1 welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question.
    Short answer to your question is, it shouldn't.  Fing operates that function using the device MAC address to ensure that it's restricting the correct device, and doesn't use an IP address since feasibly any device on your network could indeed occupy that at one time or another (unless a static IP is assigned).
    Can you please provide to us some screenshots and the method in how you manage this process so that we can look into it further?
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