[SOLVED] Router with three IP addresses

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I've recently changed all the IPs of my home network, where there is a FingBox device too.
For your information I moved from 192.168.10.x to 192.168.100.x for some reasons.
I don't know why and how, but not my Router, which also acts as a DHCP server, now has three IPs: .176 + .179 + .254 (this latter one being the real actual one).
I wonder HOW FingBox could have even momentarly read the additional two IPs which were NEVER being assigned to the Router, not even momentarly (indeed I simply changed from the previous mask to the newer, just ADDING the zero from 10 to 100...).
How can I have FingBox remove those two wrong IPs ?
I like keeping devices listed by IPs and instead of being the LAST one, it appears in the middle of the list, with those two wasted IPs...
Any suggestion on what to try ?


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    some bt routers assign an ip address to the usb port for hdd or memory sticks
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    Some routers (like mine) assign three IP addresses: one for the router itself, and one for each radio (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz). Check the MAC addresses Fingbox is reporting against the label on your device to see which radio is which.
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    After @RichCreedy first reply I've tried to investigate if multiple IP addresses could have been generated by such "additional devices" in my router, but until now I've not found any reference to it... and not even to @RWild suggestions...
    The router is a Fritz!Box 7590 which indeed has USB and multiple WiFi frequencies, but they don't seem needing and/or using an IP...
    Anyway, I think I've found where do they come from: it came to my attention just yesterday evening that those two additional IPs are indeed used in the internal network, but always when I'm not home.
    They are the IPs which my VPN connections are assigned, when in use.
    But I never see them in use when I'm at home (and never see the evidence of this for this reason...).
    So I would say that in this case, this has been solved !
    Thank you so much for your kind answers ! :blush:
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