Why would a hacker want me to open an Instagram account ?

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Let me explain. A hacker posing as one of my Facebook friends, sent me what appeared to be an Instagram video by Facebook messenger with a note that read: “You are in this video”. When I tried to open the video, I was taken somewhere else and told that my browser would not open this video, that I was required to install VPN, then I was taken to my apps page (I am on an iPad). I signed up for a free trial, not entering any password but using fingerprint ID. Then I was taken to Instagram’s login page. Because I was not a member, it asked me to sign up. I was wanting to see this video and I already had the VPN. After I signed up, nothing happened, so I sent my friend en email asking her what was going on. That is when she told me that she had been hacked and never sent me a Messenger message. A few minutes later I got an email from Instagram telling me that someone several states away logged into my account. I have now changed all passwords that have been associated with this incident, including my Apple ID. What do you think this was all about ? Perhaps a phishing attempt ? I am also confused about the VPN. I have also cancelled the VPN.


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    At a guess, I'm going to assume the VPN was a means to launch a "man in the middle" type of hack. Once in the VPN, the could potentially intercept the traffic and watch what you pass. It's also possible you didn't go to Instagrams page but to something else under the control of the bad-actor.

    I think you did everything right - except for starting all this to begin with! Hopefully you're OK now.
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    That Facebook  thing saying a friend posted a video of you has been going around. Interesting to hear what happens when you follow the trail a bit farther than I did before I backed out.
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    I've just gotten two of these as well from friends on Facebook. Once you click, I think you can pass it along. 
    I wonder if they are also trying to get you to enter your password so they can get it. And then they can try that password on all your other accounts as many people are using same password too? 
    I guess from this article I'm reading, they are trying to get access to your Facebook account as they can get other information from there perhaps? (banking, email, passwords etc.) 
    Seems this was an older virus that is making another prominent resurgence! 

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