Why does fing say WhatsApp is browsable?

I'm using the pc app. Where can I find whatsapp? it's not on my pc or mobile


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    Thanks for your post. Any advice @kltaylor :smile:

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    mmann said:
    I'm using the pc app. Where can I find whatsapp? it's not on my pc or mobile
    The question that I have for you, @mmann is: did you ever install Whatsapp on your personal computer (PC)?
    It sounds like at one point that it was, and that certain left-over pieces of that app are still present (service, etc.)
    Some applications have a tendency to leave 'personal settings' behind which are located in a hidden folder called 'Local', given the level of technology expertise that you may have, I won't recommend that you navigate to and remove the folder manually.
    Check this link as it may assist you further with completely removing the application, if the issue persists see if anyone locally to you has the know-how to view the hidden folder if your User account and look for left-over services or configuration files that were left behind (it could also be left in the registry as well, but please do not touch that).
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    Thanks for the response. I looked at both those locations, Whatsapp is not a choice to uninstall on either. I looked in %appdata% in all the folders not there. However, I took a closer look at the description in fing, it says web.whatsapp.com is browsable. It's the web version. Thanks for your help!
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    I have asked Fing about this notification, and a similar notification for Facebook and Netflix. The answer I received was that Fing uses these addresses to assess internet connection health. I asked that Fing make the addresses used for this check either optional or customizable since I have NO desire to connect to or use ANY of these services. The response I got was crickets. So, I block the addresses using a filter in Little Snitch and silence the notifications from Fing.