How can i trace that my computer or mobile device MAC address is spoofed by hacker?

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I have have put all type pf security on my router but i have still doubt that if hacker can spoof any of my device like computer or mobile and access to my router and internet.


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    Without knowing what type of security settings you applied on your router we can't really answer this question.

    But in general MAC address filtering doesn't work because MAC addresses are always sent in plaintext

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    MAC address filtering is like a compare list for enabling or disabling access to a resource. depending on how it's applied.

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    But in general MAC address filtering doesn't work because MAC addresses are always sent in plaintext

    This is correct. MAC address filtering provides minimal security - if any at all. It's trivial for an attacker to change his/her MAC address to match one that's legitimately on your network, and your devices' addresses are broadcast in the clear so they're simple to find.

    Your best bet is to make it hard for people to crack your wifi password. Use WPA2 or later, AES (not TKIP), with a reasonable-length non-dictionary-word-based passphrase. Make sure your wireless router has RECENT firmware installed and that "SES" and "WPA" setup modes are disabled. There have been several Wifi-related exploits revealed in the last couple of years (KRACK, Kr00k, Dragonblood); if your router and clients aren't getting patches for them, then you're vulnerable. If patches aren't available, then it may be time to invest in new equipment. Yes, that sucks.

    Having said all that, I'll at least try to address the question you asked. One of the big signs that something is spoofing the mac address of devices on your network is that normally stable connections have become unreliable, although there could be other things going wrong like neighbors getting new more powerful wifi setups using channels that overlap with yours, etc.

    If someone has gotten into your wifi and is using your MAC addresses to work around filters, then some of your devices might log errors that say things like "duplicated IP address" or "duplicated MAC". The issue here is that many things on your network are black boxes, so there's not actually a way to get at those logged events. This will be easier to see if you're managing a network of Linux or Windows machines. A bunch of sealed-up IP cameras? Not so much.

    I hope that helps a bit.
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    I use a multilayered network protection besides just using fing which I love I use a firewall and a IPFire network appliance. The IPFire is not only a DHCP server but it controls who is logged on to my network. MAC spoofing is a real issue but you can so a lot of thing to keep it from happening. One thing is using a VPN/Proxy to keep peeps from grabbing information. As for IoT and IP Cameras that's a different issue. I have multiple IP cameras. I setup my cameras on a AD-HOC that is attached to a Linux system that is bridged to a Sub-Network as are my IoT devices are on that same Sub-Network. Everything on the Sub-Network is on a Static IP and has to added manual it can't be assigned a IP. I have seen devices trying to add themselves to that network but are unable to because they can't get a IP or are in conflict with whats there. But this doesn't happen a lot being as everything goes through and are behind a Proxy. Another thing you can do is use bandwidth monitoring tools, packet sniffer network analyzers. This is a little work to setup but once it is completed you can see the flow and watch for things that should not be there. But in the end want to protect a WiFi network don't use it hard-wire everything which can be very hard or impossible.