Device tracing for COVID 19 proximity detection

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I currently receive all groceries via delivery and am in permanent lockdown (Social health provider for 91 yr old) and would like to know if capturing device proximity info (Fing box) could be linked to Apple/ Google new system to flag proximity to contaminated persons. I.e. Although he is 2 m distant he handles all food....


  • MetawatchMetawatch Member, Beta Tester Posts: 5
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    Similarily could also be used to detect longer range notification of potentially infected persons in local vicinity.
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    Thanks for your post. As of now, the feature you requested has not been implemented by the Fingbox. This can be taken as a suggestion.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    @Metawatch - I'm trying to understand your idea.  The smartphone is the device that can detect another person by proximity via bluetooth.  What do you see the #fingbox doing that your smartphone isn't already?   
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    If I understand you correctly, you're wanting the contact tracing feature of Apple / Google for the Fing box.  First, Apple and Google are going to have to allow 3rd parties to do that.  The Fing devs can't do anything about it.
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