Community forums could do with the ability to ignore chosen discussions

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This follows on from
The moment one responds to a discussion, one is seemingly enrolled to 'follow' it to its death. Whilst you can remove all notifications at a global level, it would be nice to be able to do this at a discussion level.
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    Yes, I've requested that from the provider. I'll circle back again though it'll be on a feature request thread I guess.
    It's really true that we do need the ability to un-follow certain threads.
    Also, tomorrow I'll be closing off the threads that are causing the most problems (these are related to the founders badge which is expiring tomorrow). 
    I think this will solve a lot of pain for members...

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    @VioletChepil yes You need to provide the ability to opt out or stop the emails you are sending.

    If not Your users will stop posting or block the emails and ultimately delete their accounts.

    I am happy to receive alerts to comments but in most BB solutions you receive an alert to a thread then the alerts are suspended until you next login.

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