blank screen on fing version 1.3.2 , no devices anymore (windows 10 pc) = solved

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Hello everybody
i get a blank screen when i use : scan for devices or see last scan .
uninstall & install the app no effect.
use different pc no effect
web version of fing works fine , Phone app works fine.
Update 1 : i install a older version of fing en then it works fine  , but the older version started loading the new version en there was the probleme again
Update2 : logon to web version of fing , deleted my fing network   (result = no fingbox and no network) , logout
refesh my phone app  , wait , logon to web version of fing , fingbox en network back again.
now started my fing 1.3.2 pc version , and every thing works fine now.
Possible cause:
what I think happened is that the phone app changed the name of the network within fing environment.
but the network version has not seen this change and has continued to work on the old name, pc version 1.3.2 has also continued with the old name but it no longer existed so you get a blank screen.
after synchronizing with the phone app the web version has the new name and so does the pc version


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    Hi @Aloysius
    Thanks for your post and for sharing your troubleshooting steps. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Many thanks Aloysius.  Been trying to fix the same problem since 1.3.0.  I deleted all my networks on desktop and mobile and deactivated fingbox on mobile.  On firing everything back up I have different network names on desktop and mobile and slight variations in naming (e.g., Thecus NAS id is Twonky on desktop and Plex on mobile) but otherwise correct ip and mac addresses.  Seems the fing mobile recognised one wifi network first  (I have four) and got all it's info from there and the desktop took all it's info from the router over ethernet and named the network per my ISP, Talktalk.