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from today I can not send/receive my work outlook emails in computer and iPhone app with WiFi. But it works with mobile cellular?! Why? Do you have any idea? Solution?

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    Hi @Shahrokh welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question. 
    I think that it may be an opportunity for you to reach out to your IT support at work and provide to them the issue.  Sounds like there could be an issue with the LAN network that they could be already aware of, especially if you can send and receive email on your mobile device after disconnecting from their WiFi and using only cellular data to do so.
    If you can connect to another WiFi source, home, coffee shop, etc. and can still send and receive email, then the issue is going to be with that network and those individuals should be made aware of the challenges that you're experiencing.


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    Thanks a lot. I'll check with IT & will update you about result
  • Shahrokh
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    You were right. There was an issue with LAN. IT is working on it. Thanks a lot :)