Please enable 2FA on our fing accounts like you already have on domotz!

I'm perplexed that you offer 2FA on Domotz, but you don't offer this to your fing customers.
Please, please, please could you enable this option? The amount of data available to hackers if a password is breached is so valuable and needs to be protected. If you don't want to invest in SMS (which is poor anyway), just add an authenticator token support (which is what I prefer anyway), and allow your loyal customer base to enable it if they choose to do so.
Considering fingbox is all about network security, I am truly shocked this is not offered and it's such a simple option to add, and even more so as you have this on your domotz product already.
Thank you,
A very disappointed Fingbox user.
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  • btstana
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    I was just about to request the same security update/feature.  Thank you for posting, and thank you for your consideration, Fing...
    Be well, everyone.  Thinking of all of you...

  • Robin_Ex_Fing
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    Hi All, Thank you for the suggestion.
    I will pass on the feedback to our developers for this suggestion. For all other users who feel this would be beneficial, please click the 'Upvote' button. Thanks again.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • beanbaguk
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    Thanks @Robin .  While I think it would be good to get community support on this by up-voting, 2FA should go without saying these days. Looking forward to seeing this enabled :smile:
    A very disappointed Fingbox user.
  • Kabaron
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    Hi everyone
    Totally agree with this point: Domotz allows users to set up 2FA in order to secure as a minimum, user account. Letting a fingbox device within a network, knowing that most people use same username and, for most of them, same password, etc. this is not a nice to have option, this is a mandatory one! On the last Fingbox box I can read: "Network security and troubleshooting". Without any kind of 2FA, and/or authentication method like Yubibey, how to be confident?
    Let's add some few points: AAA & CIA. Hardening authentication is a minimum. So it's not because you have a lot of votes and posts that you should decide to develop new feature (I should say developing having in mind SecDevOps): this is a mandatory way forward to ensure a minimum of value regarding security. And for now, I just can say that the minimum, regarding AAA & CIA basics are not part of your Fing solution.
    Thanks in advance to set up security basics like 2FA (SMS, Google/Microsoft/WhatYouWant Authenticator, Yubikey, etc.). Next steps should be ensuring encryption of customer data within your cloud system: and for this one, I'm sure you've set it up... No?