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I see occasional notifications about problems in my network, but when I click on the historical events I do not see any info, which renders the notification useless.  We need to see some type of historical so we can identify opportunities to improve the environment.
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    Hi @JimStocker
    thanks for the suggestion. I will escalate this to our Dev team for consideration. For all other users who feel this would be beneficial, please click the 'Upvote' button. Thank you.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    I agree.  It would be useful to see why Fing thought there was a problem.  If my network appears to be down it could be a lot of reasons. for example:
    • DNS unavailabe to resolve hostname - I run pihole for DNS resolution locally, and if this goes down for any reason it can appear the internet is down when it isn't.
    • ISP outage
    • Internal network device down (e.g. access point, switch or something else between the router and the computer running Fing).
    Specific details of why Fing has determined there is a network problem is helpful.  Just knowing Fing noticed an unspecific problem isn't useful.  Its just noise.  I'm not saying Fing should be able to track all the above (as nice as that might be).  Just share the info you currently have.
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