Sign in with Apple.

I tried to enable Sign in with Apple by specifying that and not my usual account info at login (web).
I was logged in alright, but it looks like a new account with no FingBox.
How do I add the sign in with Apple alternative to my existing account? ....or change my existing account to use Apple to log in?


  • LeTom
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    Hi again,
    I suppose the problem could be that I chose "hide my email address" when setting up Sign in with Apple?
    Is there a way that I can delete the new account so I can try again?
  • Robin_Ex_Fing
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    Hi @LeTom
    Thanks for your post. If you can DM me the email address of your Fing account, I can delete the account and you can try again. You need to share the relay email address from the Fing account. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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