I need to change my account please?

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How do I change my account or block a sign in that isn’t me. They are logging in with my router which they have hijacked. They also cleared my logs, but that’s ok . I have a good memory.


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    First, you need to secure your router - which may mean resetting it if you no longer have access -before deciding on a new admin password and then changing your network passwords.  If "they" are somehow still getting in you should be able to obstruct their devices either by using the fingbox, or just by banning the MAC addresses on the router.
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    I tried, but every time I go on there to change everything, it’s changed to something else . I’m just going to start over with no WiFi. I’m getting a new phone and not sure yet what to do about my laptop. I just don’t understand what they expect to gain by all of this. I don’t have a job right now. My car is really old. My laptop is really old as well. So I give up. They win.

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