Three accounts, fing box connected to the wrong one

Hello. Some time ago I signed up for a fing account to check my wifi network. Then I bought a fing box wich showed ut as expected. Then I realized I had made two accounts and decided to delete those and sign up for a third. At that time I really didn't understand much of how this worked, and my fing box is stuck at the first account, I think. Is it possible to delete those to accounts and releese the fing box from where it is connected, and from now just use the last one established, and connect the fing box there.
I did some reading here at the community and tried to delete the network where the box is connected. I have managed to delete all networks there, except the one wich carry the name I gave my fing box. That one I can't delet because the menu don't show up.
Anyone who can help? Thanks :-:smile:
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    Hi @jan_oslo, I’ve moved this to the account section and am tagging @Robin and @Ciaran who should be able to help you sort this out.
    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
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    Thanks a lot. Guess I’ll take some more time to read guidelines;-) 

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    Hi and thanks for your reply. The one account is easy because that's an ordinary mail address. The second one I would like to get deleted (because here is my Fing box connected I thing) has the format of: <unique-alphanumeric-string> and I haven't found any way to send mail from that adresse. For those who don't know this sign in with apple, look here: I have sent a mail describing these thing with more details so hopefully you'll understand. 
    I hope this can be solved in one way or the other and I'm so thankful for your help. 
    Yours @jan_oslo