PC is showing as a network extender, any reason for this?

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We've got a teenager who had a friend help him build a gaming PC. Fing is showing 2 open ports, one on the new PC and the other on his Xbox. While we're not to concerned about the open ports (unless you give us a reason to be) the main concern is that we block his internet access at 2am to force him to shut down. When his PC is online Fing shows it as a Netgear wifi extender. We have the Google Nest mesh system and 3 of the old google mesh hubs and get great coverage. He claims he doesn't own this extender and we can't find it plugged into the wall so how could Fing be so specific with the model # and all? I also show in history him connecting and disconnecting while in blocked mode, usually just once per night but looks like its not being done intentional, but may be, if that adds any insight.  Thanks!

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    Hi @HSimpson welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question.
    A quick Google search tells me that the AC1900 is a Google mesh node, for some reason it's showing up as Netgear on your scan.  Either way, I would perform a walk-thru of your home to ensure that there are no added/unnecessary tech equipment that's unaccounted for.
    The bright side is that an extender is only doing what the name implies, extends the WiFi coverage from a base or 'hub'.  Regardless, if you are denying internet service between specific times, the extender will follow along with what the Hub is directed to do.
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