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Hello everyone:
A friend of mine just reached out to me with a question that I did not have an answer and I thought I would post it here.  It appears he purchased a wireless mouse.  The structure of the device is such that he did not employ a "dongle" but rather downloaded the program.  It is from a well known producer.  It appears that he has been experiencing something odd with the mouse.  He advised that if he leaves the mouse unattended, the cursor drifts every so slowly across the screen of his laptop.  His question was why


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    Hi @PTK_Chief_23646
    Thanks for your post. Any advice @rooted @Marc
    It seems to me the sensor is sensitive. Maybe try using mouse on a mouse pad and then check

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    This used to be a thing on the old IBM think pads with their red pointing stick.  They would drift and IBM had to correct their software to compensate.  I would try to remove the add on software and see if that eliminates the issue first.  Also, since they are not using the Dongle then I guess its a Bluetooth mouse as well?  if its Logitech, they usually work better with their dongles, rather than bluetooth, why this is I don't know.
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