Why can’t I block devices on fing desktop?

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Is there a way to k devices in the fing desktop app as it does in the mobile app? And why is devices still showing up active on the desktop app whilst block on the mobile app?


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    Hi @Boogies thanks for asking your question.
    As mentioned in another thread, the mobile Fing app can directly interface with your Fingbox to manage your network, while the desktop app mainly is to inform you of what devices it currently detects (SNMP) and displays that (online or offline).  The desktop app itself will not allow you to manage your network from it.
    A device may be 'present' on your LAN but not have access to do anything other than obtain an IP address (which you won't even want that to happen).  Using the Fing mobile app block the unknown and physically seek it out and remove it from your network.
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