Periodic network issues diagnosis - slow connectivity to outside world

Hello all.
I have a home network with several switches, 5 google wifi APs, 1 fingbox and about 40 devices.

Since work from home I've noticed every ten minutes or so my connection to video conferences etc slows up and becomes really bad. I have disconnected everything from my network (including the APs) and wired my PC direct to my modem and the problem goes away.

I discussed this with a friend, and thought it might be something hammering my bandwidth. But google wifi stats suggest I'm only pulling 0.5Mb at the time (on a 40Mb connection). I thought if I could watch the network in someway, or internet traffic, I would be able to put my finger on which device is doing this.

I could go device by device disconnecting them, but that sounds tiresome .

My colleague recommended a Fingbox is magic, and would help me diagnose this issue, so I bought one and have it set up.

Can anyone suggest how a Fingbox may help? So far trying to do this myself it appears, although a lovely device, it won't help me figure out what's going on at all.

Thank you


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    Hi @Russ
    Thanks for your post. Any advice @Marc @rooted @kltaylor

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    @Russ, Fing has a feature called bandwidth advisor that can tell you by selected devices or devices, how much data it is consuming while you run it.

    I’m including an excerpt from FIng’s help document on the feature.  Let us know if you have questions after you read it.  I use it From time to time to find data hogs on my home network.

    Bandwidth Analysis

    The Fingbox Bandwidth Analysis feature lets you discover if there is a device currently slowing down your network. You can use this feature to discover if one of your devices is hogging a lot of bandwidth resulting in a slower internet connection.

    Using Bandwidth Analysis

    To use the bandwidth analysis feature, you need to choose the devices which you believe are the bandwidth hogging culprits from your list of devices.

    • Click on your “Networks” tab
    • Scroll down to the “Performance” section, and select “Bandwidth Analysis”
    • Select the devices you believe are the culprits by clicking on them
    • Press on the “Analyze now” icon located at the top right corner of the screen, the bandwidth analysis will launch
    • Click on the “drop down arrow” to change the analysis between download speed, upload speed, download size and upload size
    • If you want to see previous bandwidth history, select on the history tab.

    Click on your Networks tab- Bandwidth Analysis:

    Select the devices you want to analyse:


    Click on the “Analyze now” icon to begin the analysis. Click on the “drop down arrow” icon to shift between download speed, upload speed, download size and upload size.

    Bandwidth analysis is launched on demand by you. The reason that Fingbox does not continuously monitor the bandwidth consumption of your devices is that doing so requires re-routing all traffic on your network through Fingbox. Re-routing traffic through Fingbox all the time could potentially slow down your network. This is how cheaper firewalls behave, and in the end, they often slow down the network so much that people end up turning them off. 
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  • RussRuss Member Posts: 2
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    Thank you Marc. That's what I had been trying, but hadn't spotted I could switch between Measures so that was helpful.
    I will keep analysing and see if I can spot anything. Even if this doesn't solve my issue I am glad I got the device as it makes me feel more secure know something is confirming my network is safe and doing what I expect it.

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