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I have a ROCK64 SBC running Stretch OpenMediaVault OS.
It is showing up incorrectly in the Desktop app, and Android app as
  • Apple • Mac mini (2007) • macOS
Any suggestions as to how to correct?



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    Hi @Lion1962 welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question.
    Submittiing the information like you have is the best way to add specific devices to the global database so that in the future, it will be identified correctly.  Submitting this to @Ciaran and @Robin for the information.
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    Thanks @kltaylor, thats absolutely correct.  @Lion1962 We have listened to the feedback, and on our latest release of Fing Desktop (1.4.0), we have actually included New feature: Device recognition - It is now possible to manually recognize devices: when Fing recognition is not sharp enough, you can manully provide brand and model of your devices. Which will hopefully be of benefit to you. Thanks again
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