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how do I do this? Please be as simple as possible because I don’t understand the reply from Fing support. My issue is that even though the blue light was on and the Fing app showed the scheduled pause of my child’s devices was working (bedtime hours) I was shocked to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to find him still sitting at his computer playing a game and talking with a friend on the phone as they played it together. He was somehow able to bypass what Fing is supposed to pause when I choose to pause.

Part of the support answer is that I should create the following TCP rules and point them to the IP address of the Fingbox

  • 80 (Internet Speed Test) 
  • 443 (Fing Service and Software Updates) 
  • 3001, 3002, 3003(Internet Speed Test) 
  • 4443 (Fing Service) 
  • 5671 (Fing Diagnostics

I hope someone can tell me even on a third grade level what I need to do with those words. Fing was working fine for months but then the other day it didn’t stop him from enjoying his internet at a time when he was scheduled to be paused.


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    Hi @MikeH
    To explain the above reply and share some information, Fingbox does not play well with IPv6 and block and pause can work only with IPv4 only. Also, There are some ports which are required by Fingbox to connect to cloud servers and performs its tasks and features. 
    First, in your case, you should assign a static IP address to your Fingbox. I will share an external link from youtube which will show you a basic way to do that. :


    After that, to create the TCP rules for the required ports, you can either contact your ISP or you can follow this link as a general way to do it: 

    Please also check the FAQ's from this Fing Knowledge base:
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