Just want to say hello and very excited to receive my fingbox

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Hello all. I'm a long-time fing iOS user, now desktop user and later today a fingbox user and I'm very excited to receive my new piece of kit.
I've had a number of network concerns since my home network has grown substantially since I've been home-automating my house, and with over 70 devices connected, it makes sense to keep track of each and every one of them. I'm hoping fingbox will help me do this, especially as I've had my eye on this product since its inception. Very excited indeed to get this set-up later this evening.

Any top tips when connecting the device for the first time? I presume fing desktop will no longer be needed? (Currently running on my Windows server).

Thanks and looking forward to some interesting discussions!
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    Hi @beanbaguk
    Welcome to Fing Family. Some useful tips for you setting up your Fingbox. In order to make the first connection of Fingbox, it needs to be connected directly to the router. If you have multiple devices plugged into the router, then you can use a switch and free one of the ports for Fingbox by connecting those devices to a switch which connects back to the router. 

    To assist with setting up your Fingbox set up, under App Settings, please make the following 2 changes: 

    1. Disable Reverse DNS Lookup 

    2. Change the Maximum network size to match your network size. 

    To do this: 

    • Open the Fing app, ensure that you are on the Network associated with your Fingbox 

    • Tap on the Avatar icon in the top-right corner 

    • Choose 'App Settings' 

    • Scroll down and go to the "Maximum Network Size" setting and select the size based on the number of devices connected to network in your house. 

    These changes should help with the issues in scanning. 

    Log-in to your account: 

    Make sure you are signed in to your Fing account. You can check this from the second tab MY NETWORKS. If not, you may create a new account from that tab, and try to discover again the network to enable the Fingbox. Just click “Get A Fing Account” from the MY NETWORKS tab. 



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