Unifi USG detected as Chromecast, Home Assistant not Detected, openHAB incorrectly Detected

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Hi all,
Something quite funky going on with the desktop add.

Firstly, Fing (not just the desktop) has been detecting my UniFi USG 3P as a Chromecast. It seems to be using the service googlecast to determine the device, rather than all the other indicators that its a Ubiquiti device. Not sure why there is a googlecast service on the UniFi, but I do have mDNS enabled to detect the Chromecast across my VLANs, so maybe that is why. See USG.png screenshot.

Secondly, my Home Assistance instance is not detected as Home Assistance in the desktop app. See HA1.png and HA2.png screenshots - HA1 shows the device on the network, and HA2 shows it not listing anything under Home Assistant.

Thirdly, openHAB is showing 1, but I have no openHAB systems on my network. When I click on it, its picking up the USG (or more likely the fact it thinks its a Chromecast) as part of the openHAB system. See openHAB.png.


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    Hi @DaveFi
    Thanks for your post. Fing desktop is not showing if you have those devices, but it’s marking devices that are compatible with those.
    it’s about device capabilities, not actual installation or configuration of your network.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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