Soc monitoring

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Soc monitoring

What Is the Purpose of A Security Operations Center?

A SOC is, like a NOC, a centralized location where professionals come together to monitor a network. This time, though, the purpose is to protect the network from security threats, like cyberattacks, not to keep systems maintained and updated. A SOC will usually monitor the security position of a firm from multiple angles, taking into consideration the threats that it faces today and those likely to emerge in the future. SOCs, therefore, engage in strategies to help protect their clients or the businesses in which they operate.

The day to day job of the security operations center is to monitor and analyze servers, databases, websites, applications, and user endpoints. By crunching the numbers and looking for patterns, it aims to augment the effectiveness of regular antivirus and firewall software. It deploys experienced humans trained to recognize potential security breaches and counter them fast. If there is a security failure, SOCs investigate the source and create reports that they then use for purposes of transparency and rectifying the issue.



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