Changing Fingbox email address

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    Joined here  on August 27, 2019, been using FingBox since forever, had problems full time because because my ISP (Charter) destroyed my ability to read my eMail via IMAP soon after time I received FingBox and that was same eMail I gave for FingBox so it was webmail or nothing and I despise webmail !! As far as I can find out there is no way to change the email used for the FingBox APP, at least nothing I tried worked, nothing in knowledge base that I saw. I recently plugged the email address in anyway, even though I couldn't use it - lo and behold the Fing app could and it WORKED! I should have done this a long time ago! All my issues, including advertising on the APP are solved. I am very happy!
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    @Pooh thanks a lot! @ssj152Johnson I've just split off this into a new thread for you so we can discuss further.
    Would deactivating Fingbox be an option? This would free the device from the email and allow you to configure it to a new email address. Let me know. 
    Moving Fingbox:
    • Locate the network name in the middle of the top bar of the screen – click on the drop-down arrow next to this.
    • This will take you through to the My Networks screen which contains a list of all your networks.
    • Swipe left on the Network with the Fingbox on it and click on the Deactivate that appears. This will remove the network you have already configured, freeing up Fingbox to be assigned to a new network.
    • After you have deactivated the Fingbox, you will be able to connect the box to the new network you’d like it to be on.
    • Just connect it to the new network you’d like to monitor and complete the onboarding again for your new network.
    More details available here:

    Community Manager at Fing