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Is there a way to export the data to Excel ?
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    @sbolour , there is no way to get a device list directly as a csv from the app.  I have found that if you highlight the entire grid and copy it, you can paste it into excel quite successfully.  I just did this to make sure and it worked fine. (macOS , MS excel for macOS latest version of the os and app)

    What I might suggest is that you go to the desktop feature request section in the threads and put an idea/request in for that feature.  I for one will upvote it as I think it's useful.
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    Hi @sbolour

    The export function works on mobile app for Android/Apple devices and  will allow you to export to CSV, HTML or XML format. 

    You can:

    1) log in to your account using an Android device (if available)

    2) log in to web app: https://app.fing.com/ and on the top Right Corner, there is an export function that will provide you CSV format to export all devices.

    For Fing Desktop: Thanks for your feedback and idea, I will pass on your idea to our Developers for consideration. Thanks again.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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