New Upgrade Resets to Default

I have also noticed all customize names as periodically updated on iMac desktop are all set back to default after upgrading to newest version of Fing 1.3.1

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    Hi @dlsinger03
    Thanks for your post. The edits from Fing app or Fing desktop, (not on fingbox), should always stay.
    Unless you have multiple BSSID/networks/VPN and the backend is not able to automatically merge the different networks.
    You should log in to web app ( and check if the edits are present there and If you find that there are multiple networks that are as matter of fact the same, you can use ‘Merge with other networks’ feature to manually do it.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Thank you Robin, that solved the problem. I was able to set the changes on my smart phone, just not the desktop. With appreciation, Lee


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    @dlsinger03 , moved to the installation issues section so you get the right visibility.
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