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Hello Everyone-
I just received a new Fingbox and am eager to set it up properly.  As a rank novice on these things I would appreciate some guidance (and patience).  I have Google Fiber network box/router with the WiFi turned off.  It is connected to a Linksys Velop Mesh system with three nodes.  All of the connections on my Google Fiber network box are taken, though I could probably free one up if necessary.  I had read that I could just connect my Fingbox through one of my Velop nodes and planned to do that, but when I read the setup instructions that came with Fingbox, it says to connect direct to the router and avoid switches or access points if possible.  That's disappointing and I'm wondering how necessary it is to go directly into the Google Fiber router instead of one of my Velop nodes.  What is the downside?  
I sincerely appreciate any help/tips I can get so that I can get my Fingbox working right with minimal frustration.  

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    Hi @JamesK, apologies for the delayed reply. You can connect your Fingbox with an Ethernet cable direct to your master velop node as that is the main access point to your wi-fi and will, therefore, satisfy the security requirements and allow any device blocking to function correctly.
    As @Marc rightly mentions you could also connect via an unmanaged network switched (which should be connected directly to your router).
    i wouldn’t recommend connecting the Fingbox to either of your client nodes.


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    @JamesK , as you read, the recommendation is to connect it to the router and that's from Fings experience in dealing with customer calls, units in the field, and direct testing in the years since it was introduced.  Now that being said, I have it attached to a 1GB switch that then connects to my router and I've never had any problems.  I have read where others have done what you are proposing, connecting it to one of your mesh nodes.  

    Best advice I can give you is to give it a shot.  You will know right away if it works.  You might see some anomalies with blocking, wake on LAN but... then worst case you free up your router connection and try it there.  
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    Thanks Marc!

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    OK- thanks PP!