Why different count of Devices in My Fingboxes as opposed to My Networks

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Hello All,

First of all a bit of info which may assist you in assisting me ...
  • Hardware: Fingbox v1 / Oppo R15 Pro phone
  • Software: Fing App v8.9.3
I am currently doing some network troubleshooting and just today I uninstalled the Fing app from my phone, deleted my network via the web GUI at app.fing.com as well as resetting my Fingbox (I think).
I then proceeded to reset my router and organize all of my settings in there again including setting up DHCP address reservation for all of my devices.

After having done this, I then connected an Ethernet cable from the Fingbox to my router.
I then supplied power to the Fingbox whilst holding the RST button on the internal board of the Fingbox after having opened it up - Please note: I HAVE TO DO THIS because I have discovered that the Reset done via the small hole next to my Fingboxes PSU input does me no good due to the fact that it has been damaged, that is, it has come off the internal board itself.

I got the white light on Fingbox and afterwards the solid blue, I then reinstalled the Fing app on my Android based phone only to discover that the devices I had already connected to my network showed with their NEW IP's BUT so did all the other devices which I had not even connected along with their OLD IP's.

So first question ... what is the point of the "Delete this network" option inside my account at app.fing.com? It seems to remember past history as was witnessed in the Android app after fresh install and after I believe having reset the Fingbox if I managed to that properly?

My next issue is, now that I am back up and running with the Fingbox and a fresh install of the app on my Android phone, I can see in the Android app whilst at the "Devices" tab ... a dropdown list showing "Home" and also ... let's call it MyNetworkName ... where "Home" is what I selected for my Fingbox (rather than Office for example) and that is how it appears under "My Fingboxes" ... whilst under "My Networks" is MyNetworkName ... the problem is that if I select "Home" (I.e., the Fingbox) I can see all SEVEN devices which I have reconnected at this point in time but if I select MyNetworkName it is only showing FIVE devices and never seems to sync properly as is the same case when viewing the info via app.fing.com
I am awfully confused ATM as to what is going on and am getting quite frustrated - what is meant to give me peace of mind is actually getting really annoying.

Could someone provide some information as to what I might be doing wrong and how to fix it prior to me pulling the last hair out of my head PLEASE?




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    Just a question about the Android issue - what are your backup settings? If your apps are making backups on a cloud-based service like Google Drive, then those old settings could just be getting downloaded when you reinstall the app.

    As for the problem with the difference between the number of devices, could it be that one view is showing you all the devices that have connected (some of which may have disconnected in the mean time) and the other view is only showing devices that are currently connected?

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    I'm not backing up nything to do do with Fing app and /or my Fingbox to the cloud.

    I still am unsure why it constantly wnts to get old information but to be honest it has been like this since day one... I have solved that issue simply by deleting the old entries and retaining the new ones... I can see this happening again in future though if I go from scratch again and it is a convoluted process when I might for example change the IP's and info of multiple devices... I just don't get why deleting what is all old info from the online web based app, the phone based app and the Fingbox itself doesn't really delete said deleted information?

    As for the other issue, I have simply deleted E.g., MyNetworkName and retained Home as I selected when setting up... Home indeed shows all the deevices but Fing picks up MyNetworkName when starting out from scratch and they are in fact the same thing.. so again, I don't get why it wouldn't display the exact same amount of devices... especially considering that I had exactly the same Order by / Filter by / View settings applied to both before I decided to go ahead and Delete MyNetworkName and just leave Home????

    Anyways... thanks for the response.

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    Excuse my error in the last post - I checked my settings on this crappy Oppo "smart" phone which uses ColorOS on top of Android 8.1.0 and it seems that at Additional Settings - > Backup and Reset - > Automatic Restore "After an app is installed again, the system will restore backed up settings and data" option was indeed activated.

    I have now disabled this option, so I thank you very much for the suggestion in that regard.

    However, I will not be starting from scratch again to test if that setting being toggled to off would in fact solve the problem of old data going back on as it would be too painful after sort of getting things sorted for the time being... it may well be the cure for that issue but truth be told, I remember this same thing happening on iPhone as well before the move to Android and I know for a fact that when running Fing under iOS that I did not backup ANYTHING to Google Cloud

    The switch was made to Android on my behalf due to Apples ridiculous decision to stop the Fing app (and other apps) from allowing the delving into of MAC address data on ones own network... I singed a petition at change.org arguing against Apples new positioning but they still havent come to the party making it easy for people to secure their own networks so I swore I would never buy another Apple device ever again and told them so... I will however ensure that I also never purchase another Oppo again either with this locked down ColorOS rubbish... no root equals no sale for my next Android device :)

    Apologies for the massive rant there!