One iPhone but it is listed twice, I go off line and it goes online

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odd one here anyone help at all.
Fing Desktop app shows me I am connected to my network, but there is a second iPhone listed offline when I am online, using the same network ip address as me but has an odd Mac address
The Fingapp on my iPhone doesn't show my whole network, online either it shows three devices online as offline, but the desktop app shows them all online,
Anyone have any ideas?
oh and once I saw it was swapping with me I turned off WiFi on the iPhone and it also went offline at that point
super strange


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    Hi, Thanks for the post. One of the MAC address of the iPhone is 02.00.00.XXX. I believe the reason for two iphones is because of the Fing not able to read another device mac address.
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    Okay sure but I only have one iPhone on my network.

    what would happen is that would go online when I went offline, use the same IP etc.

    I have been getting a huge amount of issues with my network and devices, I think it’s an evil twin attack.

    my Internet at home I haven’t actually been connecting too, none of my devices have, they have been connecting to NULL, my iMac has been getting strange

    root user became enabled

    airport extreme was installed

    Bluetooth PAN connections

    anyway I have switched everything off and I’m currently working on resetting everything.

    I disassociated FING for the NULL network but it won’t reset and flashes orange again.

    what a great way to pass the time in isolation lol

    any thoughts pls happy to hear, attached some screen shots.

    plus one of my saved safari passwords had a username attached, with the words HACK in it ha, anyway it strikes me as iCloud so how i resolve I don’t know.