Exclamation mark and cannot connect to internet

The thing is all the device (pc,laptop, and smartphone) can connect to our wifi just fine but only my phone that got exclamation mark in wifi and cannot connect to internet. When i check with fing to scan device that connected to router the host ip appear like this : ***.***.***.1+1 (can i just wrote all the ip?) And the merk for the router is intel when the in fact it is huawei. I can only get connected when night but recently the connected time are shrinking.

When i tried to ping other device that connected to router, i get the normal response (test from and to my phone). But ping to router is failed.

Already tried connect my phone to other wifi network but it just connected just fine. And also already doing suggestion from internet such as forget net, reset net, static ip, restarting, safe mode etc. But the problem still there.

Question is, is this my phone or router problem. Already check router setting and all seems normal. Please help me with this. (If required i can upload screen shoot of my fing test if its alright to show ip and device or i can just censor it)

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    Hi @Rufs welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question.
    I can honestly say that I don't believe that it's your network since other devices can connect to it just fine.  Then again, your phone can connect to other hotspots without an issue, so there's that as well.
    WIth the things that you have already listed and tried, honestly I think that the next step would be to backup all of the important data on that device, and then factory reset it.
    It's a 'final' step to choose so consider it as the last thing to try.  Let me know what you want to do to see if I can help in any way.

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    Yea i also considering factory reset too and now searching how to back up all my file. I just wondering if ISP unluckyly block/restrict my phone or something. Maybe i will just upload SS

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    Hi @Rufs

    Generic devices are those devices for which Fing was not able to identify the vendor and what kind of device it is. If there is any device in your house which is using any kind of internet(Wifi) then Fing App can show you all devices connected on your network. You can use this external link to know about the vendor of the device: https://aruljohn.com/mac/F45EAB 

     The Fing App discovery will identify devices on a best effort basis, based on the information made available by the device, e.g. the MAC address. There are numerous reasons why the device might not be recognized correctly e.g. 

    - The DHCP server is not refreshing when speaking to your Fingbox. 

    - Limited information being offered by specific devices. 

    I would advise inserting as many details that you can about the device to help improve the engine for all Fing users. 

    This will assist with improved device identification in the future. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    That ! where the WiFi icon is, I wonder why that's showing up since it typically only shows when there's no internet connectivity or you had connected to a WiFi AP that requires you to 'agree and sign-in'.
    Typically the .1 portion of your subnet could mean it's your router/gateway, unless you had specifically designated it as a different IP address.  The only information that I was able to find using a MAC lookup tool is that the device was manufactured to Intel.  Is your router/gateway a device that was manufactured by Intel?
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