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I am not a TV watcher and I noticed my 2 chrome cast devices usage in a 24 hour period was thru the roof even while I'm sleeping. But then on some days it shows no usage at all. Does it still use that much usage even when the TV is off and nothing is being cast to it. And if so why do some days it show no activity at all?


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    Hi @New_Fing12, as long as you keep them powered up, they will drawer data for things like system updates and screen backgrounds, regardless if the tv is on or not. I’m enclosing a link for you but they say your best bet is to power them off when your not using them. That includes setting you might have on your tv if you’ve powered them off you TVs usb Jack.   https://www.howtogeek.com/337719/how-to-tame-your-chromecasts-background-data-usage/
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    Happened to me a few times. Wife would watch TV thru Hulu or the network box. Then she would watch a series that auto starts. The TV shuts off for the sleep timer but the net box or smart DVR keeps playing to a powered off TV.

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