A possible connectivity detection bug in Fing desktop

I'm running Fing Desktop app on a Mac Pro which is connecting to the LAN & internet on WiFi and using its dual gigabit ethernet ports. Those two ports are merged into an ethernet bond. These ethernet ports are connected to a Netgear GS108T gigabit switch and the switch also handling them as an ethernet bond. 

Everything is fine on my LAN, but Fing Desktop says "Ethernet link speed is not optimal. Speed is less than Gigabit: 0.0 Mbps". I think this is a bug.


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    Hi @fns720, welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question.
    I'm not sure that it's a 'bug' per se, rather than it being an 'unsupported feature'.  However we could add it to the requested feature list and see where that goes.
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