Hackers attacking port 37787

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I am having problems with hackers attacking port 37787 on my Netgear Nighthawk r7000 router, where I have enabled that port number. Comcast has suggested deleting the port and adding it back on their modem. Unplug the power and plug in the power cord to their modem. I go out to the Internet to check the outside Ip address and port, and the port is still closed. Does anyone have any recommendations to solve this problem? Thank you.



  • RevAnthonyORevAnthonyO Member Posts: 2
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    Thank you so much for your comments. Comcast has confirmed these were denial of service attacks "DOS". There's an ability to check which services use certain ports. There's software running on my modem from Comcast that provides this security. But the problem is opening up the port, which I elaborated on Comcast had me to delete than insert the port and unplug and plug back in my modem. The port is configure on my Network Video Recorder, so when the request comes from the outside by me who has the user name and password, it goes to my Network Video Recorder showing me my camera views outside of my house. Anyone else would be blocked and the port closed to protect my network.

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