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I have four Wireless AP's (one is an Extender). One I need to use as a DHCP device (NETGEAR) and the mesh system is Linksys Mesh (2 Nodes). I use the Linksys Nodes mostly. My Fingbox recognizes the Netgear Router and at one time, recognized the Linksys AP's (Named Brenneman2Wire).  But no longer. They are all connected to the Netgear via network cable (except the extender and one of the Linksys nodes).  Will the Fing protect the devices attached to Brenneman2wire? 

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    Hey @RidersEdge (I'm on the Support team here)

    In oder to monitor all access points, you can add the access point under Wifi Intrusion Protection. For Mesh system, if they are not creating a separate gateway than the Netgear router and sharing the same gateway then Fingbox will be able to see devices connected to all access points. You can verify how many access points are being monitored by Fingbox by checking the MAC address of the Access points(BSSID). 
    Please follow these steps:  
    1. Open the Fing App  
    2. Click on the Network Tab  
    3. Click on the Network Details section(This is the directly under your network name)  
    4. Scroll down and locate the Access Point Section  
    5. You will be able to see the BSSID.  

    In order to add the access point for Fingbox, first, you need to be connected to the access point network which you want to add. Then open the Fing App and choose the Fingbox network from the dropdown list. Go to the ‘Network’ tab and select either Wi-Fi Intrusion Protection or Wi-Fi Performance and you will be able to add the Access point for the current network your device is connected to. You can only add the Access point either from the Wi-Fi Performance tab or Wi-Fi Intrusion Protection tab.  
     After Adding the access point, you will receive the New Access point alert and you need to accept it as a trusted gateway and the access point will be added successfully. 

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    @VioletChepil - mind converting this to a Question?
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    @Pooh done and done. @RidersEdge just select if @Robin answer has solved for you :) Then we'll and other members will know if they can find a fix in the thread too. 

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