why does fing desktop say my home network is in Phoenix, AZ when it is actually in Orange County CA

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Just installed 1.2.0 version.  I originally had 1.0.0 but when 1.0.1 update came out it would not install.
Gave up on it until today and now I can install successfully.  Hence the above question.  Not a serious
problem just curious about the location discrepancy


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    That's fairly common, especially if you are using a wireless internet service provider, which is becoming more common these days. Geolocation information for IP addresses is often inaccurate due to a number of network topology and other issues. I wouldn't worry about it. 
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    My network is not connected wirelessly, but connected to uverse internet connection.  I realized later that I had installed fing desktop app while my vpn had picked phoenix as the "best server location" so fing thought I was in phoenix.  However, fing desktop is stuck in phoenix.  I don't have vpn turned on now, and fing desktop still thinks I am in phoenix.  app.fing.io correctly sees my home network gateway in its report. 
    Clicking on refresh in fing desktop does not fix this issue.  How do I get Fing desktop to forget the phoenix connection.
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    btw now have 1.3 version which still persists in locating my home network in Phoenix.
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    Hi @richwardca
    Can you check on the Fing mobile app if the location is correct or wrong? Also, Can you share a screenshot of the error?
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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