Hi , 🆘️ PLEASE ASSIST SOS 🆘️ I'm in the middle of a police report about a serious hacker.

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He knows , he's destroying me. If you had hours possibly days ha ha id go into detail but seeings i love fing I decided to start with portals , I use the section for closing them in the fing app, however something overides them. Or it says in fing it's closed but in another app or web search it says they are open. Can anyone ASSIST, the screen shots bellow are of an app called Port Droid .

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    Hi @LisaC, thank you for posting your concern.
    In reviewing the screenshots that you had provided, most all of the ports that are open are legit, meaning that they serve a particular operative purpose in a network environment.
    There are some ports though that are listed as 'unknown' that could appear to be concerned with.  What I like to do is use this tool to look at open port numbers to see if they have a significant meaning.
    Outside of identifying all of the 'Unknown' ports that appear in your port scan, especially since you feel that someone is hacking into your system, I'd change a few things to ensure your privacy.  Start by changing the password to access your router and your WiFi connections.  Use a password that is considered 'robust'.
    Once inside of the router, search for and disable UPnP, or Universal Plug and Play.  This feature will allow ports to be opened and used depending on the hardware that is requesting it.  However, you need to be aware that in doing this, you would need to manually add all of the ports into your router in order for those hardware pieces to continue working again.
    But most importantly, if you feel that you're unsafe please do not hesitate to contact your local authorities.  There's a lot happening in society these days, it's important to keep focus on what's important and let the good guys take care of the bad guys.
    "There's a fine line between audacity and idiocy."
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    I would also suggest that you unplug your router from the internet before making any changes.  Otherwise, if you are being hacked, any changes you make can be overridden.
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    When I run the Fing app vulnerability test on my LAN , I have no open ports.  I presume therefore that the Fing app tests for open ports from outside of my LAN.  i.e. looks for open ports visible from the WAN.  I have no open ports, as it should be for me.
    It almost looks like you are running your test on your local network, and I'd expect to see a few open ports.
    I agree with KLTAYLOR about the UPnP.
    I would also be concerned about port 445 for SMB.  SMB stands for Server Message Block and is used to transfer files from one computer to another.  I would only expect to see this if I had a hard disk plugged into my network via LAN cable...possibly a USB disk, but I'm not sure.
    Anyway, I just used my Fing app to determine my cable modem's public I/P address* and pasted that into the "Target Host" field of the Find Open Ports tool in Fing and it found no open ports.  I'm guessing that Protection / Vulnerability test does the same thing.
    * Fing app | Home, select your internet provider at the top of the screen and look for your Public Address.
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    These scans look like they are targeting specific ips/devices on your network and if that is the case the app scanned your device at and .1 your router. Suggesting that these devices have those ports open. Not neccesarily direct to the internet. All the ports for the router make sense except the last one. Use an online scan instead of this app you've used in the screen grabs.



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    Hi To,

    (kltaylor) (DougR) (Mike_F) and (Static)

    thank you for you're excellent advice I will put

    all into motion and get back to you with my

    results. 🙏🙏🙏