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Two problems:
1.  My "network name" is displayed as the SSID of a wireless access point that hasn't been active for over a year.

2.  In the devices list several of my computers show the description "Bitdefender / ProductAgent1.0" in the right-hand column.  I do have Bitdefender installed on all of my machines but only some of them show this notation.  Others say something like "Computer"  or  "Laptop".  

Is there any way to correct these uninformative labels?



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    Hi @rhclinton
    Unfortunately, as of now, there is no way to change the name of the SSID with the current SSID. The problem here is due to the fact that the SSID is saved in the network when the user perform the scan using the Fing App (also when onboarding the Fingbox). After this 1st scan, all other scans are being done by the Fingbox itself, but since the Fingbox is connected through a wired LAN cable, it's not capable of detecting new SSID(s) in the network. At the moment, apart from uninstalling the Fingbox and reinstalling it, there is no way of updating the SSID.

    For second query, Can you try to turn off the Bit defender and then try to scan the network again. The reason for this is because of Bit defender. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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