Network Outage indication. Can a reason be attached to this indication?

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Last night we had a network outage and the Fingbox properly reported this event with the blue blinking light turning red.  However, my VPN was still connected to a remote site.  I was able to surf on my work laptop even though the rest of the house was not getting internet service.  It looks like the network's DNS server was down.  But I was getting DNS service from my employer's network, not my service provider.

There are several Network Outages that I can think of.  Some of them have work-arounds.  If we knew what the exact failure was, we could quickly get online again, sometimes.
1) Router crashed - Reboot it
2) WAN connection down - sometimes the DSLAM or Big Cable Router at the network end is down.
3) DNS server is down.  Can you get to an alternate DNS?
4) The main Tier 1 connection to the Internet is down - not much you can do about it.


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    Thanks for the suggestion. I have made this post as an Idea and please make sure to upvote the initial post if other users want to get this implemented as well.
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